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DFB Laser F-P Laser
DBR Laser Tunable Laser
980nm Pump 1480nm Pump
Broadband ASE Source
Photodiode Receiver
Transmitter Transponder
Modulator Driver
Switch Attenuator
Isolator Circulator
Fiber Coupler Patchcord
Er-doped Fiber PM Fiber
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Optical Jumper / Patch Cord

JDSU FC/PC to FC/PC SMF28 250um Jumper. 3 Meter
Alcoa FC/PC to FC/PC SMF28 900um Buffered Jumper. 3 meter
JDSU SC/APC Fiber Optical Color Buffered Jumper, SMF-28, 3 Meter.
FC/PC to FC/PC Optical Fiber Jumper 5 Meter
FC/APC to FC/APC Fiber Optical Cable Jumper.SMF-28, 5M.
FC/PC to SC/APC Fiber Optical Cable Jumper. Single Mode Fiber, 1M
SC/PC to SC/PC SMF28 900um Buffered Jumper, 3 Meter.
SC/PC to FC/PC Connector Fiber Optical Jumper, 900um, 2M
SC/PC to SC/PC SMF28 Cable Jumper, 2 Meter.
SC/APC to SC/APC SMF28 Cable Jumper, 3 Meter.
SC/PC to MU Fiber Optical Jumper.SMF-28, 2M.
Lucent LC to LC SMF Fiber Optical Jumper Patchcord. 3 Meter Length,
LC to FC/PC SMF 900um Jumper. 0.6 meter
MPX to MPX male, bare ribbon, single mode, 4 fiber, 5m
Diamond DIN 47256 ( D-4108 ) Connector Jumper, MMF.
BLC / UPC 2 POS. SMF 900um Jumper. 3 meter.
Sumitomo FC/PC 8 Port Array PLC Fiber Optical Jumper
8 Fiber MPX to SC/PC Optical Fiber Jumper
Seikoh FC/PC to ST Multimode Fiber Optical Jumper
UCI Connector terminated SMF-28, 1 meter
Diamond Patchcord HMS - 10 / KM - HP MMF  Fiber Pigtail, 1 feet length. 62.5/126/900/3000 Fiber.
Rifocs Corp. Diamond HMS - 10/M 62.5/125/900 Multi-Mode Fiber Jumper, Length=3M.
Diamond HMS-10/M - HP MMF Fiber Jumper 3 Meter
MT (DC) SM 12 Fiber Cable Jumper 2m RED
MU to MU SMF-28 900um Jumper, 1300/1550-9/125
Diamond E-2000 APC Terminated w/ 10 degree Pigtail , SMF-28, 1.5M
Diamond E2000 to E2000 APC Junper Fiber 9/125/900
Timbercon PM Fiber  FC/APC Connector Terminated,  1.5M, Fujikura Panda fiber 1310/1550 nm
980nm SC APC Connector Terminated. Hi980 Fiber
ST Connector terminated SMF-28, 900um Loose Tube, 0.75 meter
ST Connector terminated SMF-28,  1 meter
Acronym Fiber Optics, LLC. is a supplier of solutions for optical communication and fiber sensing fundamental methods of measuring and interpreting the interaction of light with matter. Our vision is to expand the frontiers of optical communication and optical sensing to make it the foundation on which innovative, life changing ideas are built.

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