JDSU ERM547 APD Receiver 8-pin mini-DIL package (Refurbished).Zoom

JDSU ERM547 APD Receiver 8-pin mini-DIL package (Refurbished).

JDSU ERM547 APD Receiver 8-pin mini-DIL package (Refurbished).
Item# ERM547
P r o d u c t B u l l e t i n ERM 537/547 2.5 Gb/s SONET/SDH Mini-DIL Optical Receiver Module Key Features ?InGaAs PIN or Avalanche Photodiode with Transimpedance Amplifier ?High sensitivity: -24 dBm typical for PIN -32 dBm typical for APD ?Single-ended or differential output configurations ?Small form factor Preliminary Specifications Conditions (unless noted): Temperature = 25°C, λ = 1550 nm, RL = 50Ω All specifications without connector. Parameter Measurement Min Typ Max Units Conditions Responsivity APD Vb-1.5V 8.5 A/W PIN 5V 0.85 A/W Dark Current APD 10 40 nA PIN 0.5 2.0 nA Transimpedance 3000 4500 Ω Sensitivity APD BER = 1*10-10 M = 10 -30 -32 dBm PIN BER = 1*10-10 -22 -24 dBm 3 dB Bandwidth 1.8 GHz Maximum Output 400 500 600 mV Voltage Low Frequency 30 kHz Cutoff Output Return f = 50 MHz to 10 15 dB Loss 1.8 GHz Optical Back -40 -30 dB Reflection Overload APD BER = 1*10-10 M = 3 -7 -3 dBm PIN BER = 1*10-10 -2 0 dBm ERM 537/547 series are small form factor 2.5 Gb/s SONET/SDH optical receivers with an InGaAs PIN photodiode or avalanche photodiode and a high bandwidth linear transimpedance amplifier. They are available with single-ended or differential outputs. The differential outputs can be used for added gain or for signal monitoring. We provide an identical pinout for short haul (ERM 537) and long haul (ERM 547) receivers. The same pinout and package allows system designers to implement a single board design. The receivers are available in an 8-pin mini-DIL package with 8.7/125 μm single mode fiber with 900 μm tight jacket. The receivers are also available with industry standard connectors, such as FC, SC and LC. Applications ?High sensitivity, short or long haul digital receivers ?SONET/SDH receivers ?Digital receivers in transponders JDS Uniphase Corporation Tel 609 538-1800 EPITAXX Division Fax 609 538-1684 7 Graphics Drive epitaxx@us.jdsuniphase.com West Trenton, NJ 08628 www.jdsuniphase.com This is a preliminary product. All information contained herein is proprietary and confidential, believed to be accurate and is subject to change without notice. No responsibility is assumed for its use. JDS Uniphase Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates, or manufacturer, reserve the right to make changes, without notice, to product design, product components, and product manufacturing methods. Some specific combinations of options may not be available. Please contact JDS Uniphase for more information. ©JDS Uniphase Corporation. All rights reserved. Preliminary 10/16/00 Printed in USA 1.25 ?0.25 METERS 11.22 24.0 7.62 8 7 6 5 1 2 3 4 4.8 2.54 Typ. 1.85 ø3.8 6.770 ?0.075 8.00 ?1.00 22.7 2.67 4.94 BUTTERFLY (End View) 9.80 ?0.20 0.52 ?0.25 0.80 ?0.20 5??3?SURFACE MOUNT (End View) 0.30 ?0.05 4.50 Min. 8.30 ?0.20 THROUGH-HOLE (End View) Maximum Ratings Parameter Min Typ Max Units Power Supply -0.5 4.0 V PD Bias Voltage 25 V Optical Input Power APD 0 dBm PIN 5 dBm Operating Case Temperature -20 85 °C Storage Temperature -40 85 °C ERM 537/547 SONET/SDH 2.5 Gb/s Mini-DIL | 2 Optical Receiver Module DC Operating Parameters Parameter Min Typ Max Units APD Breakdown Voltage +35 +70 V PD Bias Voltage +4.75 +5.0 +25 V Supply Voltage +3.15 +3.3 +3.45 V Supply Current 40 60 mA Quality Vision We have a leadership position in the optoelectronic industry with a vision for excellence in quality. The company is committed to providing customers with the highest levels of quality and reliability in design and manufacturing. The top priorities remain continuous process improvement and total customer satisfaction. We obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1996. In addition, the company maintains a strict quality control program to ensure that all products meet or surpass customer requirements. Precautions for Use ESD protection is imperative. Use of grounding straps, anti-static mats, and other standard ESD protective equipment is required when handling or testing an InGaAs PIN or any other junction photodiode. Soldering temperature of the leads should not exceed 260 oC for more than 10 seconds. Fiber feed through tube temperature should not exceed 120 oC. Fiber pigtails should be handled with less than 10 N pull and with a bending radius greater than 1? All dimensions in mm (nominal) Mechanical Dimensions Ordering Information Product Model Description ERM 537 2.5 Gb/s SONET/SDH, Mini-DIL, Short Haul, PIN Photodiode Receiver 900 μm buffer without connector ERM 547 2.5 Gb/s SONET/SDH, Mini-DIL, Long Haul, APD Receiver 900 μm buffer without connector ERM 5x7 FC/SPC 900 μm buffer with FC/SPC connector ERM 5x7 SC/SPC 900 μm buffer with SC/SPC connector ERM 5x7 LC/SPC 900 μm buffer with LC/SPC connector Pin Connections PIN Single-ended Differential Output Output 1 Vpd (cathode) Vpd (cathode) 2 GND GND 3 GND Output (+) 4 Output GND 5 GND GND 6 GND Output (-) 7 Vee (+) GND 8 GND Vcc (+) Note: 1. Pin #5 can be used as an option of thermistor output for APD receiver. 2. Output (+): Light “on?= Logic “high?Output (-): Light “off?= Logic “low?/textarea>