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JDSU X5 / Z5 (fixed zero Chirp / fixed -0.7 Chirp), 10 Gbs, w/PD, Intensity Modulator. (Refurbished).

JDSU X5 / Z5 (fixed zero Chirp / fixed -0.7 Chirp), 10 Gbs, w/PD, Intensity Modulator. (Refurbished).
JDSU X5 / Z5 (fixed zero Chirp / fixed -0.7 Chirp), 10 Gbs, w/PD, Intensity Modulator. (Refurbished).
Item# X5-Z5

Product Description


1). 21049397: X5 (fixed zero Chirp)

2). 21049396: Z5 (fixed -0.7 Chirp)

The JDSU Agile Optical Components family includes modulators, switches, attenuators and tunable filters. These products provide the basis for spectrally efficient DWDM transmission utilizing dispersion tolerant modulation, channel monitoring, wavelength switching, remote power control and dynamic channel selection. They support a wide range of flexible functionalities at lower operational expenses for the Agile Optical Network. In addition, we have a complete line of tunable lasers assemblies and sub-assemblies in our Agile Transmission Module family.

JDSU X5 and Z5 single drive 10 Gb/s modulators with integrated photodiode are ideally suited for use in long reach (LR)/ very long reach (VR) Metro applications as well as in long haul (LH) transmission. The X5 is a fixed zero-chirp solution and the Z5 is a fixed ?.7 chirp solution, both packaged identically. The small package form factor makes the X5/Z5 compatible with the 300 pin MSA transponder footprint.

The X5 and Z5 modulators operate over the C and L band. Their low drive voltages make them compatible with low power dissipating driver solutions such as GaAs driver technology. In addition to providing bias control feedback, the new enhanced photodiode is capable of power monitoring for control of the transmitter's modulated output power.

Key Features

* Small size: 65 x 12 x 5 mm * Surface mountable with gull wing DC pins * GPO RF connector * Integrated PD (photodiode) for bias and power control * 200 kpsi input fiber for tight bend radii * High bandwidth FEC and super FEC compatible * Zero chirp and chirped modulators in a common package * Operation over C-band and L-band * Low drive voltage * Power penalty without FEC: * < 1 dB (200 ps/nm) for X5 * < 2 dB (1600 ps/nm) for Z5


* MSA transponders using tunable or fixed wavelength sources * Long Reach (LR)/Very Long Reach (VR) spans in Metro systems * Long Haul (LH) and Ultra Long Haul (ULH) systems (both terrestrial and submarine) * Alternate modulation schemes including electrical RZ Compliance

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