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HP/Agilent 8765B Coaxial Switch DC-20GHz 2W Maximum RF

HP/Agilent 8765B Coaxial Switch DC-20GHz 2W Maximum RF
HP/Agilent 8765B Coaxial Switch DC-20GHz 2W Maximum RF
Item# 8765B

Product Description

HP/Agilent 8765B Coaxial Switch, DC-20GHz, 2W Maximum RF

The HP/Agilent Technologies 8765 family of switches is designed for microwave instrumentation and ATE systems and features excellent electrical and mechanical performance. The 8765B are equipped with SMA connectors and operate from dc to 4 and 20 GHz respectively. For applications that call for 2.92 mm connectors, Option 292 can be ordered with the 8765D. All the switches are available with voltage options covering any drive voltage between 4.5 volts and 32 volts dc. Where performance data is required, Option UK6 includes a print out of test results. This family of switches was designed from the ground up for maximum dependability and performance. The switches are all designed to operate within their specifications for more than 10,000,000 cycles. In precision measurement and monitoring applications where insertion loss repeatability is critical, all the 8765s will operate in excess of 5,000,000 cycles with better than 0.03 dB of insertion loss repeatability at 25 C.Driving the 8765A/B/C/D The 8765 switch family is available with two methods for connecting to the dc control circuitry. The standard switch comes with a ribbon cable terminated with a single in-line five position male connector with one pin removed. The user has the option of ordering solder terminals (Option 3xx) where they are required . The 8765 Switches have both sides of the switching solenoids available to the user. Typically, as is the case with the 8762 switches, the switching solenoids will have a common positive terminal or a common ground. By making both sides of each coil available,users can select the dc drive method that best suits their needs.The suggested methods are: 1. Common negative drive 2. Common positive drive 3. Polarity reversal drive Regardless of which method is chosen for switching, two conditions will always apply: ?the switch is positive latching, and ?since there are no dc current interrupts, the supply may be continuous or may be switched off after the 15 ms switching time. Photobucket

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