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10Gb/s MI-LD/ Complementary Modulator Driver

10Gb/s MI-LD/ Complementary Modulator Driver (Refurbished)
10Gb/s MI-LD/ Complementary Modulator Driver (Refurbished)
Item# Ciena

Product Description


• Operation DC to 10Gb/s, NRZ

• Internal Input/Output 50ΩTermination

• Output Voltage Swing: 3.0Vpp Typ. 2.85V Min.

• Peak Current Adjustment

• SCFL Compatible Differential Input

• Single -6.8V Power Supply

• Duty Ratio Adjustment

• Output Offset Control Adjustment

DESCRIPTION The 10Gb/s(OC-192) driver with the output voltage of 3Vpp for Modulator Integrated(MI)-laser and differential input modulator. The peak output current, output duty ratioand output offset are adjustable.


Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit

Supply Voltage VSS -8.0 to 0 V

Input Voltage VIN -2.0 to 0.5V

Power supply Current ISS 500ma

Peak Current Control Voltage VIP Vss-1.2 to Vss+0.75V

Duty Control Voltage Vdut Vss-1.2 to Vss+0.75V

Output Voltage Vout -4.1 to 0.5V

Output Offset Control Voltage Vib1,2 -11 to 5.5V

Output Offset Control Current Ib1,2 50mA

Storage Temperature Tstg -55 to 125 C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Unless otherwise specified, Tc=25C, VSS=-6.8V, RL=50ohm;)

Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Limit Unit

Min. Typ. Max.

Maximum Data Rate NRZ 10 - Gb/s

Power supply Current ISS IP=120mA -290 420ma

Rise Time tr Doutpp=2.85Vpp

20% to 80% - - 40ps

Fall Time tf - - 40ps

Output Voltage High Voh IB1=IB2=0 to 32.5mA -0.75 - 0.0 V

Output Voltage Low Vol IB1=IB2=0 to 32.5mA -3.6 - - Vpp

Output Termination Rout Vss=Vip=Vib=open 45 50 55 Ohm

Jitter RMS (Out) Jitter IP=120mA at 50% cross - - 4.0ps


Parameter Symbol Test conditions Limit Unit

Min. Typ. Max.

Supply Voltage Vss -7.14 -6.8 -6.46V

Input Level High VIH -0.02 -0.0 -0.0V

Input Level Low VIL -1.20 -0.90 -0.5V

Peak Current Control Voltage VIP Vss - Vss+0.7 V

Output Offset Control Voltage Vib1,2 -10 - 0.0 V

Output Offset Control Current Ib1,2 0.0 32.5 mA

Duty Control Voltage Vdut Duty +50% Vss - Vss+0.7 V

Case Temperature Tc 0.0 - 75 C


Name Description Name Description

Din Data Input

Dout Data Output

DinB Complementary Data Input

IB1 Output Offset Control Current 1 (for Dout)

VSS Supply Voltage (-6.8V)

IP Peak Current Monitor (Vss)

IB2 Output Offset Control Current 2 (for DoutB)

VIP Peak Current Control Voltage

DoutB Complementary Data Output

Vdut Duty Control Voltage

Heat Sink C Ground

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