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Finisar G111 Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) (Refurbished)

Finisar G111 Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) (Refurbished)
Finisar G111 Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) (Refurbished)
Item# G111

Product Description


􀂆 Linear - Accommodates Any Data Rate Without Crosstalk - Handles Multiple Wavelengths Without Crosstalk - Operates in Switched Networks Without Gain Transients

􀂆 Small Size

􀂆 Operates up to & Beyond 40 Gbps

􀂆 Full C-band Coverage


􀂆 Transmitter Boost

􀂆 Receiver Pre-amp

􀂆 In-line Amplification

􀂆 Loss-compensation

The Linear Optical Amplifier (LOA) was designed to meet the demands of flexible, smaller size, lower cost systems. It utilizes Finisars patented Cross Cavity technology, which provides optical feedback to linearize the amplifier. The flat gain spectrum of the LOA provides faithful amplification in a multi-wavelength environment without the cost and complexity of a gain-flattening filter. Additional benefits to the LOA are excellent DWDM crosstalk suppression, operation at bit rates up to and beyond 40 Gbps, and linear gain up to the maximum operating output power. This linear gain makes the LOA immune to transients due to adding/dropping wavelengths or protection switching. Up to 100X smaller than traditional amplifiers, the LOA uses a standard, 14-pin butterfly package. Laser biasing and TEC control are identical to a standard pump laser making the integration into any line card a simple task. Typical system applications include: metropolitan and regional networks, SONET/SDH and IP systems, and optical networking nodes.

Parameter Symbol Condition Specification Unit

min. typ. max. Optical Amplifier Operating wavelength BWop 1530 1562 nm Gain (at peak) Gpk max. gain polarization 12 13.5 17 dB Peak gain wavelength pk 1530 1562 nm 8 nm band gain flatness GF8nm 0.5 dB Bandwidth gain flatness GFBW 1.0 1.4 dB Gain ripple GR ASE at 1546-1550 0.2 dB Noise figure NF max. gain pol., -20 dBm input power 7.5 8.2 dB Tracking error (ASE) TE 0-25 C, 25-70 C, per facet 0.25 dB Polarization dependent gain PDG 1.8 dB Linear operating output power Plin 0.5 dB gain compression 10.0 dBm Saturation output power P3db 3.0 dB gain compression 13 dBm ASE power per facet PASE 200 W Polarization mode dispersion PMD 0.2 ps Optical return loss RL 27 dB Forward voltage Vf 2.1 2.5 V Operating bias current Iop 2501 mA Operating temperature Tsubmount 15 oC Thermoelectric Cooler Current ITEC Tcase = 70 oC 1.1 1.5 A Voltage VTEC Tcase = 70 oC 3.2 4.0 V Thermistor Resistance Rtherm 15oC submount 15.2 15.72 16.2 k Optical Amplifier Module Total power consumption Pmod Tcase = 70 oC 3.7 4.5 W Operating case temperature Tcase 0 +70 oC Storage/transportation temp. Tstore -40 +85 oC

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Product with one year limit warranty!