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Ditech 17 dBm Full Band Line Amplifier: (Quasar 1723)

Ditech 17 dBm Full Band Line Amplifier: (Quasar 1723)
Ditech 17 dBm Full Band Line Amplifier: (Quasar 1723)
Item# Quasar1723

Product Description

Product Outline

The Quasar optical amplifier is a third generation amplifier. The Quasar optical amplifier adds gain control and transient suppression to a previous generation of amplifiers and enables optical signals to be added/dropped from a DWDM network span without degradation of other optical signals in the same span. Quasar is a key technology for bandwidth-on-demand and wavelength protection switching. Key Features

Constant gain of 23dBm ▒1.0 dBm Gain flatness ▒1.0 dB (over input range and temperature range) Transient suppression in 50 Ás Command accessible using HyperTerminal in Window OS


Bandwidth-on-demand Wavelength protection switching Metro and Long-haul Networks in DWDM systems

Absolute Maximum Supply Voltage 5 V

Backward ASE -30 dBm

Gain Flatness ▒ 1.0 dB

Operating Wavelength 1529.42-1563.18 nm

Optical Input Return Loss 27 dB

Optical Input Signal Power -29 to -6 dBm

Optical Output Return Loss 27 dB

Output Signal Power +17 dBm

Polarization Dependent Gain 0.5 dB

Positive Supply Voltage (Pins 1-4, 12,and 24) 5.0 V

Power Dissipation @65░ C EOL 25 W

Remnant 980 to Output -30 dBm

Signal Gain (Input --22 to -6 dBm) 21.75 - 24.25 dB

Signal Gain (Input -29 to -22 dBm) 21.25 - 24.75 dB

Signal Spontaneous Noise Figure 4.9 dB

Transient Overshoot/Undershoot ▒1 dB

Transient Suppression Time 50 us

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