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JDSU 20mW Temperature Tunable WDM Laser for Direct Modulation.

JDSU 20mW Temperature Tunable WDM Laser for Direct Modulation
JDSU 20mW Temperature Tunable WDM Laser for Direct Modulation
Item# CQF413-20
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Product Description

The JDS Uniphase CQF413 is a two-channel, tunable, directly modulated laser source for use in metro wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) systems with bit rates of up to 2.5 Gb/s and link lengths of 180 km. Peak output power is 10 mW. Wavelengths are available in the 1527.22 to 1610.06 nm range (C and L bands), in accordance with ITU recommendations. Each laser adheres to the 100 GHz grid and can be adjusted via temperture tuning between two adjacent channels (three channels adhering to the 50 GHz grid). The CQF413/608 laser is available in a standard 14-pin butterfly package with a single-mode fiber. It shows excellent thermal stability and features a built-in cooled optical isolator. The internal bias-T network and built-in monitor diode enable simple DC-bias conditioning and laser diode output power stabilization. Under small signal modulation conditions, device bandwidth exceeds 3 GHz. Due to the intrinsic low chirp characteristic of its distributed feedback (DFB) laser, the CQF413/608 is especially suitable for digital transmission at 1550 nm.

Key Features

*1550 nm (WDM) DFB laser diode

*Temperature tunable over 2 x 100 GHz channels

*2.5 Gb/s suitable for OC-48 / STM-16

*Built-in cooled optical isolator

*Wavelengths available from 1527 - 1610 nm (C and L bands)

*25 ?electrical impedance matching

*180 km distance (3240 ps/nm dispersion at 1550 nm)

*operation up to 85 C case temperature


*WDM metro architectures and cable television (CATV) networks, where high optical output power and very low dispersion are required. Especially suitable for systems operating in environments with uncontrolled ambient temperature.

*100 GHz ITU grid system design without increasing the complexity of inventory compared to 200 GHz system architectures.


*Fiberoptic pigtail, including connector, complies with UL94 V-0 flammability rating

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