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Broadlight BTT-N-61 FTTP PON Anlog transceiver CATV

Broadlight BTT-N-61 FTTP PON Anlog transceiver CATV
Broadlight BTT-N-61 FTTP PON Anlog transceiver CATV
Item# bttn61-ft61
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Product Description

The BTT-N-61 three-wavelength burst-mode optical-network terminal transceiver with embedded analog video receiver supports 622 Mbits/sec downstream and 155 Mbits/sec upstream. Successfully completing lab trials with triple play equipment vendors, the passive-optical-network transceiver complies with ITU-T G.983.3 and meets the recent requirements set by the fiber to the premises RFP.


BroadLight line of optical transceivers products includes Bi-Directional and Three Wavelength Burstmode Transceivers along with CATV receivers. BroadLight transceivers support upstream and downstream bandwidth with flexible data rates for both the CPE and Central Office.

The BBT-N and BBT-L are a family of Bi-Directional Burst-mode Optical PON Transceivers for ONU/ONT and OLT transceivers. The BBT-N and BBT-L product lines comply with ITU-T G.983.x (FSAN). These products incorporate BroadLight leadership in burst mode technology and are protected by several patents.

The BTT-N is single fiber three wavelengths PON transceiver, with embedded Analog Video Receiver. The BTT-N family is designed for FTTP applications to enable full íTriple Play?service offerings. The new BTT-N family takes the functionality of the BBT-N family and integrates an additional video receiver over a separate wavelength on the ONU side. The BTT-N complies with ITU-T G.983.3.

The GE-PON transceivers distinguish themselves amongst other SFF, MSA and IEEE 802.3ah compliant devices with its guaranteed optical performance. The OLT transceiver has a receive sensitivity of -30dBm and a +2dBm minimum launch power. The ONT transceiver offers a -27dBm receive sensitivity and a 0dBm launch power. The 3 wavelength, GE-PON ONT triplex transceiver operates over ITU-T compliant wavelengths and provides the same performance as the SFF device for data while delivering exceptional CATV quality from a receive sensitivity of +2 to -6dBm on the 1550 nm broadcast video wavelength.

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