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BerGquist Thermal Material SIL-PAD GAD-PAD ULTRA 60MIL

BerGquist Thermal Material SIL-PAD GAD-PAD ULTRA 60MIL
BerGquist Thermal Material SIL-PAD GAD-PAD ULTRA 60MIL
Item# sil-pad60

Product Description

BerGquist Thermal Material: SIL-PAD GAD-PAD ULTRA 60MIL, BG408996. (One side adheslve).

This item include 17pcs : 1.5 x 19 x 115mm or 153pcs 1.5x 19 x 13mm SIL-PAD GAD-PAD ULTRA 60MIL Thermal Tape.

Thermal conductivity: 1.0 W/m-K Highly conformable, low hardness "Gel-like" modulus Designed for low-stress applications Puncture, shear and tear resistant Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft is recommended for applications that require a minimum amount of pressure on components. The viscoelastic nature of the material also gives excellent low stress vibration dampening and shock absorbing characteristics. Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft is an electrically isolating material, which allows its use in applications requiring isolation between heat sinks and high voltage, bare leaded devices.

The resultant thickness of the Gap Pad will determine the thermal resistance. Subtracting the initial gap pad thickness by the deflection value, obtained above, will give the resultant thickness. Refer to the graph below to obtain the thermal resistance of the material.

Typical Applications Include

Telecommunications Computer and peripherals Power conversion Between heat generating semiconductors and a heat sink Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame, chassis, or other type of heat spreader Between heat generating magnetic components and a heat sink More information:


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