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Aurora AT3510 Analog DWDM Narrowcast Transmitters (1GHz)

Aurora AT3510 Analog DWDM Narrowcast Transmitters (1GHz)
Aurora AT3510 Analog DWDM Narrowcast Transmitters (1GHz)
Item# AT3510

Product Description

The AT3510 series high performance Analog Narrowcast Transmitters are a key element of Aurora Network's Passive HFC architecture and are designed for Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) applications for forward path transmission of narrowcast digital services. Each transmitter's wavelength is specified as one of 40 wavelengths on the 100 GHz DWDM ITU grid (ITU-T G.694.1). AT3510G transmitters incorporate advanced predistortion circuitry to enable transmission of up to 16 or 32 QAM modulated channels per wavelength. Transmitter output power is 10 dBm for maximum network performance and application flexibility.

The unique mid-plane packaging of the AT3510G features both a compact one-module-width design and an integrated ''back plate'' multiplexer which eliminates the need for a separate platform or shelf for a typically packaged multiplexer.

This high density packaging enables network operators to install up to 14 transmitters per 3RU chassis, all of which can be monitored remotely or locally from the power supply module. The compact design minimizes rack space requirements in headends or hubs and enhances deployment of traditional HFC, passive HFC and fiber to the home (FTTH) networks.


 10 dBm optical output power

 DWDM transmitter, 40 wavelengths on ITU grid

 Optimized for 16 or 32 channels of 6 MHz 256QAM per wavelength

 Superior flatness and stability

 Industry’s highest rack density (14 transmitters per 3RU chassis)

 Front access 20dB input test point

 Front panel laser On/Off interlock switch

 Hot plug in/out

 Local and remote status monitoring features

 Occupies one full-depth slot

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